Shermara Walker

Chief Executive Officer

Shermara is an HR expert who has established herself as the heart of the industry and also dedicated her career to advancing the HR community. With over 10-years of experience in Human Resource Management, her primary focus at SW HR Consulting is optimizing client service and enhancing business growth.

Having spent years honing her HR and managerial skills, Shermara is brilliant at linking up well with other staff to provide cost-effective and results-oriented human resource services which enable clients to concentrate on their core business. She loves bringing innovation to the table when working with clients, integrating cutting-edge approaches to relieving the organization’s daily burdens and creating an environment where organizations can thrive regardless of their size and social recognition.

Master of Science – MS, Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the Southern New Hampshire University, Shermara excels at strategically tailoring her HR experience to solving organizational challenges. She implements her educational skills to converse comfortably with individuals of all education levels; helping organizations achieve optimal performance levels that promote organizational growth.

As the bedrock of the business, Shermara is incredibly focused. She has a clear understanding of what it takes to satisfy clients in this fast-changing economy. Pragmatic, practical and realistic, her ability to seamlessly harness each consumer need to find the perfect solution has shaped the ethos of the business. The above-mentioned qualities and/or traits set SW HR Consulting apart from other consulting firms.

One of her greatest skills involves the ability to collaborate and build a smooth rapport with like-minded business owners. The experience she has gained as a business owner herself enables her to creatively and naturally solve problems leveraging her human resources skills to achieve the much-needed results.

Shermara is highly committed to excellent customer service. Her goal is to make every single client feel comfortable and relaxed knowing that a passionate and experienced HR expert have them covered. Part of her desire is to grow and expand her business to the next level while building a team who share the same goals as her!

Kimberly Newton

Recruitment & Employee Relations Specialist

Since her induction into SW HR Consulting in 2018, Kimberly has acquired a taste for fast-paced and challenging environments, which essentially established her as an essential member of the company. With a degree in Psychology from one of the more prestigious universities, Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA., Kimberly has developed impressive recruitment skills. This allows her to overcome the challenges of finding the right people.

With over 20 years of experience in HR and Recruiting, she has become very intuitive at identifying and choosing quality talents for various organizations. Her primary focus is based on helping our clients reintegrate and refocus on their efforts and ATS systems. Kimberly diverse experiences in various industries such as Automotive, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Pharmaceutical, Airlines, Casino and Education,helps us shape our client’s process’ and efforts to become more efficient and productive.

Kimberly strives to offer clients the best possible customer service. Candidates find her genuine, and a true resource in their search for career growth. Her work ethic and communication style sets her apart from other Talent Acquisition Professionals. She’s as vital as every other team member within the organization.

Nadia Grant Laster

On-Boarding Specialist

Having worked for major companies such as Accenture, Aon, Capital One and other significant corporate companies, Nadia joined SW HR Consulting in 2017 with a goal to create a cohesive workflow for the team. With an unmatched combination of practical, functional and technical expertise, she bringing an experience that clients can count on.

As an On-boarding Specialist, she manages conducting orientation tours, administering on-the-job training, following up with employees, monitoring training progress, and handling employee information. Nadia has vast expertise in customers service, communications, internal auditing and case management. She takes great pride in working with clients and seeing them grow in their workplace with professionalism and excellence.

With over 11-years of experience in Human Resources, Nadia is a real gem in her ability to establish a sense of belonging for our clients’ new hires. With her flair for interacting with people and her knowledge of labor legislation she brings that personable experience that our clients love.

Whether your need is for customer service guidance or support, Nadia wears a lot of hats which contributes to the success of our company partnership with our clients.

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