Compensation Analysis


To develop a reliable pay system, every organization needs to have a clear compensation philosophy that outlines what they pay, how they pay and why they pay the way they pay. SW HR Consulting helps to keep employees engaged and informed by strategically customizing your compensation reports based on geographic area, industry size, organization staff, revenue size, and profit status.



Compensation Analysis Description-A Compensation Report is fully customizable, providing users with the ability to easily generate position reports based on geographic area (in some cases, by a specific metropolitan area), industry, organization staff and revenue size, and profit status.


In order to develop a strong pay brand, you’ll want to have a clear compensation philosophy that outlines what you pay, how you pay and why you pay the way you do. It’s also about being strategic in how you communicate pay decisions with employees. When employees understand how pay decisions are made, they’re more likely to believe they’re fairly paid and stay engaged.


Mercer surveys are designed using the most accurate and up-to-date market data practices. Data is collected from HR professionals at participating organizations and then analyzed for validity, thoroughness, and market representation based on the organization’s size, structure, geographic region, or a combination of these factors. A minimum number of incumbents, organizations, and distinct organizations are required in order to report each data element. If minimums are not met, the market data is suppressed, ensuring you the highest level of data confidentiality.

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