Workplace Investigations


When there are no proper measures to investigate workplace matters, even thriving organizations can experience huge setbacks that impact them financially and damage their reputation. When there are claims like wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation and harassment, our investigators at SW HR Consulting are highly experienced to perform appropriate Workplace Investigations.



Workplace investigations, if done correctly, can provide the basis for asserting important defenses to claims like wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation and harassment. Selection of a neutral investigator is a key component of any workplace investigation. While many complaints can be investigated by a competent and experienced internal human resources professional, not all companies have such a person.


Rivera Employment Law provides an extensive range of workplace investigation services. . The goal is to do everything necessary to conduct a thorough investigation, by analyzing the allegations and evidence to avoid unnecessary financial and workplace impact.


SW HR Consulting can help. Our professional investigative process includes:


Prompt, objective and thorough reviews of complaints.
Detailed review relevant policies and procedures.
In-person or telephone interviews of the people involved.
A comprehensive investigation report.
Recommendations for remedial action.
Our consultants have backgrounds in employment law and/or HR and are experienced in conducting investigations of alleged employee misconduct, including discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Our goal is to resolve issues without the intervention of outside lawyers and the media, while protecting your company’s reputation and goodwill.


Employers Associates conducts thorough and unbiased internal workplace investigations of the following types of conduct:


EEO Complaints: Investigate whether unlawful harassment, discrimination or retaliation has occurred.

Employee Misconduct: Investigate whether there is a reasonable, good faith and honest basis to believe that misconduct occurred and that “just cause” or “good cause” exists for taking adverse employment action.

Unethical Conduct: Investigate whether employees have engaged in alleged or suspected unlawful and/or unethical conduct for which the employer or management officials can be held responsible.

Wage Law Complaints: Investigate claims that employer has violated State and Federal wage laws including claims for overtime, employee misclassification and failure to provide mandated meal and rest breaks.

Whistleblower Complaints (pre and post litigation): Investigate complaints by internal whistleblowers who report alleged misconduct and unethical or illegal activity by the company and fellow employees or superiors within their company.

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