Flexible HR Services: HRO On-demand

SW HR Consulting introduces the Flexible HR Services On-Demand package, catering to businesses seeking responsive HR support on an hourly basis. Clients leveraging our HRO Pro On-Demand feature can effortlessly submit requests for tailored assistance in any of the four core human resource domains. As part of our commitment to Flexible HR Services, we seamlessly create, employ, and furnish forms and templates to fulfill on-demand client needs. Trust SW HR Consulting for unparalleled flexibility in meeting your HR requirements, ensuring that our Flexible HR Services adapt precisely to your evolving business needs, providing a responsive and efficient HR solution when you need it most.

  • Policies & Procedures. SWHRC will update existing or create new policies as needed.
  • Job Descriptions. SWHRC willprovide an industry standard job description template and a guide to writing effective job descriptions.
  • New Hire Onboarding & Orientation. SWHRC will send out offer letters, provide an introduction to the company, administer new hire training of company policies and procedures, and administer a post 90 day new hire survey to get feedback that can be used to improve onboarding for future new hires.
  • New Hire Documentation. SWHRC will ensure all required documents (I-9, W-4, job description, workplace safety, benefits) and organizational policies are completed and acknowledged by the new hire, timely and accurate reporting of information to the state personnel director is completed, and all relevant documents are stored in the employee file in the HRIS.
  • Corrective Action and Progressive Discipline. SWHRC will document and assist with communicating corrective actions and progressive discipline steps to employees. Corrective action and progressive discipline are a  process of communicating with the employee to improve unacceptable behavior or performance after other methods such as coaching and performance appraisals have not been successful.
  • Terminations. SWHRC will review all termination cases and ensure documentation of requested terminations are in compliance with company policies and applicable laws. SWHRC will support the organization during termination meetings with the employee if requested, update HR systems as needed, and update key partners in order to complete required actions.
  • Separations. SWHRC will prepare separation notices for separating employees, coordinate with finance for the delivery of the separated employee’s final paycheck and ensure compliance with Nevada’s final paycheck law (NRS 608.030) and other state laws as required, and ensure the separated employee receives information on continuation of benefits through COBRA.

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