About SW HR Consulting

SW HR Consulting is an independent HR consulting company in Las Vegas focusing on providing exceptional services to start-up and small organizations. Founded in 2016, we aim to help organizations across the country streamline their HR and improve the ways they engage and manage their employees. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we combine our expertise with an innovative strategy to deliver top-of-the-line HR consulting services that exceed client’s expectations.

Before our inception, we realized the need for organizations to improve their employee engagement and retention levels. Our company is born from a passion for helping small & start-up businesses reduce the time, effort and budget required to manage their HR.

Since our humble beginning, we have been setting the industry benchmark for a wide range of human resources consultancies placing our focus on the people, profit and productivity within your business. Our team of highly trained and qualified consultants leverage their firsthand experience to deliver commercial value through human resource services.

6 Steps To An HR Compliant Business

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