Hiring Your First Employee

Getting ready to hire your first employee to work for your company can be a very exciting time.

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Prepping Your New Hire For On-Boarding Success!

You started your business because you wanted to be your own boss. You wear every hat. Now, you’re at the point where you’re ready to welcome some helping hands.

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Here Are Some Easy Ways To Successfully On-Board A New Hire!

After effective recruitment and selection, one of the most important ways that an organization can improve the effectiveness of their talent pool is through the strategic use of on-boarding.

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Here are 5 Benefits of New Hire Orientation

Orienting employees to their workplaces and their jobs is one of the most neglected functions in many organizations.

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Employee Training

Many companies have a 90-day “probationary period” for new hires. At the end of this period, the manager is supposed to do a sit-down face-to-face evaluation with the new employee.

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Employee Termination Procedures

No HR professional gets into the industry to fire or terminate employees. But it is unfortunately a necessary evil of the job.

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Employee Relations

It is rightly said that the success and failure of an organization is directly proportional to the relationship shared among the employees.

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6 Steps To An HR Compliant Business

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